Blackhawks fans had a scare before Wednesday’s game against the Oilers when they heard Patrick Kane had aggravated a lower-body injury, assuming it was the same one he suffered on the ice earlier this season. But it wasn’t his ankle this time. Details are sketchy, but this particular injury seems to have been caused by another night out on the town.

“I met some nice Alberta girls, you know, and may have exerted myself a little bit,” Kane said after the Wednesday afternoon skate. “But this morning I got some fluids back in me, did some Tai Chi and now I feel fine. Ready to go some more. Hockey, I mean. Play more hockey.”

The women of Canada have shown affection towards Chicagoans that might seem appalling to the rest of the city. This was revealed last season by way of a few camera-phone shots portraying several Vancouver ladies partying in a limousine with a shirtless Kane, Kris Versteeg and John Madden.

The Blackhawks were riding-high at that point, and apparently the one remaining Hawk is still on top of that wave. Several TMZ reporters on the “Kaner beat” have been treated for frostbite after sitting in bushes for hours at a time, waiting for Kane to come out of Alberta bars, White Castles and hotel rooms.

By Dan Bradley

Bandwagon Dan