Packers QB Aaron Rodgers enjoys celebrating his touchdowns by securing an invisible wrestling belt around his waist. On Super Bowl Sunday, should the quarterback find himself in the endzone, his touchdown celebration will have more substance. Rodgers became the WWE champion on Monday’s edition of “Raw” after defeating The Miz in a no-disqualification match. The quarterback pinned the former champion after an assist from John Cena.

“Coach McCarthy wasn’t too cool with my involvement in a no-holds-barred match against a human behemoth a week before the Super Bowl,” the concussion-prone Rodgers said. “I told Coach I was wearing my helmet so it wasn’t a big deal. Besides, I needed a chance to test my new finishing move, the Ram Rodge.”

In the championship match, Rodgers looked to be on the verge of defeat until Cena appeared from the audience with a sledgehammer. Cena decked The Miz with a sadistic, blindsiding smash to the left temple. Rodgers then executed the Ram Rodge, an inverted DDT that left The Miz unconscious. Rodgers pinned the now-former champion and celebrated his first taste of WWE glory with Cena while EMTs rushed to the ring to tend to The Miz.

“This isn’t over, Rodgers!” growled The Miz into the house microphone after regaining consciousness. “I’ll see you and your waxed legs at the Super Bowl!”

Fans of the championship game on Sunday should expect some interference from The Miz, which adds additional drama to the biggest game of the year. While NFL fans are excited to have a current pro wrestling champion quarterbacking in the Super Bowl, WWE fans are still smarting over The Miz’s loss.

“I am no conspiracy theorist, but I believe that match was fixed,” said WWE fan Terrance McElroy. “Granted, I would not like to be on the receiving end of the Ram Rodge, but I still think the Miz laid down. Matches like that truly damage the integrity of the sport.”

By Jimmy Juliano