Following the inking of first baseman Carlos Pena, Chicago’s National League baseball team officially changed their name to the “Chicago Carloses,” honoring their new free agent along with starters Carlos Silva and Carlos Zambrano and closer Carlos Marmol.

“We haven’t been this excited about anything–from a marketing standpoint–since the summer we called the bullpen using our Motorola ‘wireless bullpen’ phone,” said GM Jim Hendry. “The new name will allow–or force, if you will–thousands of fans to buy new hats, jerseys and hoodies reflecting our change in logo.”

The name change is certain to have a ripple effect throughout Major League Baseball, with current players Carlos Lee and Carlos Beltran already agreeing to waive their no-trade clauses to play on the North Side. Retired All-Star Chuck Knoblauch (the English form of Carlos) has signed on as a Spring Training infield coach, agreeing to work for free.

By Tim Butterly | Photoshop by Pat Lamorte