Just a few days after Deadspin broke the story of foot-fetish videos posted to the Web by Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle, new videos have surfaced online depicting what appears to be MaryAnne Smith, wife of Bears head coach Lovie Smith, in several tedious, uninteresting situations.

In one of the short films, a fully clothed female who closely resembles MaryAnne Smith is sitting on the couch working through a book of Sudoku puzzles. In another, she’s on the same couch, watching a syndicated episode of “Scrubs.” In a third, she’s sitting at the kitchen table eating a stack of Saltine crackers with a glass of water on the side.

In these and other clips, a disembodied, baritone male voice is offering words of encouragement from behind the camera.

“That’s acceptable,” the speaker says in one of the videos. “Let’s break this video into four quarters. MaryAnne is my quarterback … err, wife.”

Smith has neither confirmed nor denied that he and his wife made the videos. In a statement to the press, he said this is a “personal matter” and added that “only God and Virginia McCaskey can judge me.”

Brian Summerfield