Former Cubs ace Mark Prior, who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues since 2006, signed a minor league deal Tuesday with the Yankees to be the team’s designated “Towel Drill Instructor.” New Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild could think of nobody better than Prior for the job.

“CC (Sabathia) has thrown about a thousand innings over the last four years and he’s due to break down any day now,” said Rothschild. “Somebody eventually will have to show him the towel drill and with Mark’s 10 plus years of experience in the craft, he is the perfect teacher.”

Prior is excited about the new opportunity and remains optimistic that he will eventually one day reach the big leagues again.

“Remember, I went 15-3 in simulated games in 2005,” said Prior. “If I can just regain that form, I think the New York fans will be in for something special by 2017 or so.”

By Jeremy Barewin

Jeremy Barewin