According to reports from his wife, Marian Hossa is “absolutely, positively, not allowed” to socialize with fellow injured Hawks star Patrick Kane until they are back on the ice.

“No, no no no no, no. ¬†Absolutely not, is that even a question?” Hossa’s wife responded when asked about the possibility of Hossa and Kane spending nights out on the town. ¬†“If he thinks he’s spending time with Kaner, Marian has to be kidding himself.”

In the recent past, Kane had an altercation with a New York cab driver, was photographed shirtless in a limousine and has been seen living the high life on many other occasions, establishing a reputation as the team’s party boy. Mrs. Hossa warned Marian that he “had better not get any ideas.”

Hossa actually started the situation with a joke shortly after Kane left a game last week against the Flames with an injury, telling his wife that he and Kane would obviously have to start hitting the clubs together. His wife greeted the joke with a chilly silence.

“C’mon honey, I was kidding,” Hossa told his wife who refused to buy it.

When asked to clarify the reason behind her refusal to let her husband spend time with Kane, Mrs. Hossa said, “Ha!” loudly before ending the interview.

Jeff GoodSmith