While much of the Chicago sports media is focusing on the Cubs’ signing of free agent 1B Carlos Pena, the South Siders made their own headlines at first base this morning by coming to terms with some guy named Paul Konerko.

“We’re not exactly sure who this Paul Konerko guy is,” said White Sox GM Kenny Williams. “It’s pretty clear by the local media’s reaction that he’s not nearly as noteworthy as Carlos Pena, but we have to take what we can get.”

Williams said that he learned Konerko’s stats and accomplishments compare rather favorably to Pena’s, but understands why the local media and fan base have focused so heavily on the Cubs’ signing.

“This Konerko guy apparently was in the running for 2010 MVP,” said Williams. “But if Pena has a decent year for the Cubs he’ll be in the running for 2011 Comeback Player of the Year and we all know that’s a much more uplifting award than some lousy MVP trophy.”