In an interesting twist to the 2010 basketball free agency season, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf tonight will face Jay-Z on ESPN tonight in a rap battle to determine where the reigning NBA MVP will play in the future.

Jay-Z, legendary rapper and part-owner of the Nets, is expected to triumph over the 74-year-old Bulls and White Sox owner, given the fact that the term “ballnetter” can be easily used to rhyme with “Poindexter.”

Some sources do speculate, however, that Resindorf could pull off what insiders refer to as “the 8-Mile” and pull off an upset, possibly by rapping all the negative facts about himself until the freestyle beat has ended, and continuing anyway, saying, “I don’t need no beat” as the audience fist pumps in unison, ending with “now Hova, why don’t you tell them something they don’t know about me” while dropping his microphone dramatically.

This rap battle will likely be filmed and distributed to members of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who will laugh at it after they re-sign James for a higher maximum contract than any other team can offer.

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