Blackhawks fans are riled up and confident their team will eliminate the Flyers in the first of 10 straight Stanley Cup victories for Chicago.

“The Hawks are the best team in the history of sports,” said Vincent DiCambrio, a self-described die-hard fan who’s “followed the team my entire life the last two years.” “Kaners and Toews are so young. This team’s going to be a force for at least another decade.”

DiCambrio, like many Hawks fans, feels his team’s Finals match up with the Flyers is simply a formality.

“I didn’t even know the Flyers were still in the league,” said DiCambrio. “We definitely didn’t play them this season.”

The Blackhawks did in fact face the Flyers in the regular season. Just once, and Philadelphia won a thrilling 3-2 decision on their home ice. After learning this, DiCambrio refused to change his stance.

“Oh, okay, so Philly is in the Eastern Conference,” said DiCambrio. “I guess that makes sense. That’s like the minors or something, right?

“So maybe the Hawks will win 12 straight Stanley Cups. It can’t be that hard.”