One-time Cubs ace and chronic under-hydrator Carlos Zambrano was assigned to the bullpen Wednesday to make room in the starting rotation for Ted Lilly who’s coming off the DL. Manager Lou Piniella said he hopes relocating Zambrano to the bullpen will make his infamous pre-game heavily caffeinated Starbucks drinks slightly more difficult to obtain.

“Carlos needs to cut the lattes if he’s going to resist drinking water before his starts,” said Piniella. “At least this way he’ll get a slightly longer walk when heading across the street to Starbucks.”

Piniella said he hopes the move will help his sometimes moody pitcher maintain an even keel, but isn’t so sure that will be the result.

“Aw heck … I don’t know. I was moody for a really long time,” said Piniella. “I didn’t mellow out until I quit caring so maybe that’s what this demotion will do to Big Z.”