The only catch: It must have their name on it

When the Cubs teamed up with MasterCard this winter to gouge fans on tickets, the White Sox eventually decided to follow suit.

However, unlike their North Side rivals, who extorted an extra 20 percent on top of face value for early bird seats, the White Sox are offering a 20 percent discount to any fan who carries a valid credit card. It can be any kind of credit card — from a basic pre-paid debit card, to a higher end Home Depot or Best Buy credit card — with the only stipulation being that it must be in the carrier’s own name.

The Sox are hoping the promotion will increase ticket sales for the 2010 season, or at least result in at least one sell-out of a non-Opening Day, non-Cubs home game.

The promotion has Sox fan Bill Pawzinikowski excited.

“I’ve had my trailer parked outside the Cell for three weeks now,” said the South Sider. “I got a credit card from Wal-Mart, and I can’t wait to put some tickets on it.”

Much like the trailer he parked outside the Sox stadium, the card Pawzinikowski holding wasn’t in his name. He wasn’t going to let that formality get in his way.

“The card’s in my ex-wife Sandi’s name,” said Pawzinikowski. “I’ll just show up on her doorstep and tell her I’m back from that pack of smokes I went out for 13 years ago. Once she takes me back, we’ll head to the Cell to pick up some tix with that sweet discount. Then it’s bye-bye Bill again.”

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