Give the Bulls credit for one thing: They’re never satisfied.

After reaching new highs of suckiness in Tuesday’s loss to 2-18 New Jersey, they had to dig down deep to find a new way to suck even more. But they accomplished their goal with a 35-point loss in Atlanta Wednesday night that was impressively bad, even for a team like this.

“We knew we could be bad, but nobody on the team thought we could be this bad,” said forward Joakim Noah, who did his best to help the cause by missing all four of the shots he took and finishing with two points. “Sometimes you just take it to that next level, and you can amaze even yourself with just how much you can suck.”

Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was impressed with the lack of effort, but wondered just how far this team could push itself.

“We had a team meeting after the game to talk about our goals,” he said. “Where do we go from here? There’s some options. We talked about losing by 100. Or maybe playing some D-III college teams. We also hear the Washington Generals would be interested in a game. That holds a lot of possibilities for us.”   By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter