This weekend the Cubs placed signage in the back of Wrigley’s left field bleachers to block fans’ view of the former Budweiser rooftop, which is now occupied by an ad from Horseshoe Casino. Insiders say the signage was put up to placate Budweiser — perhaps their biggest sponsor — who was upset they lost their iconic rooftop in the first place. Here are 10 other things the Cubs have done because Budweiser wanted them to:
10. Pumped Harry Caray full of their product daily from 1982 to 1998.
9. “Starting shortstop for your 1988 Chicago Cubs … Spuds MacKenzie.”
8. Despite not making any sense at all, announced Seventh Inning Stretch had “superior drinkability” in 2008
7. Forced PA announcer to randomly shout “Whaaaaaasssssup?” during games in 2000 even though it annoyed everyone who heard it.
6. Got GM Jim Hendry good and loaded before signing Milton Bradley.
5. Somehow made Cubs and their fans forget Budweiser’s favorite team is really the Cardinals.
4. Featured Dusty Baker in “Real Men of Genuis” ad in 2003, even though he turned out to be a total moron.
3. Sell mass quantities of Budweiser at Wrigley to fans for a mere 3000 percent markup.
2. Remind fans of famous clydesdales by giving Wrigley restrooms strong smell of horse urine.
1. Required entire Cubs squad to play like they were drunk on Budweiser in the 2007 and 2008 playoffs.
By Brad Zibung, editor in chief. Photo from Flickr