Convicted felon/former NBA referee Tim Donaghy escaped from prison on Tuesday and arrived at the United Center just in time to waive off an apparent buzzer-beating basket by Brad Miller, as the Bulls fell to the Denver Nuggets, 90-89.

Donaghy was disgraced last year after admitting to betting on games he worked and changing calls to affect those games. He¬†joined the officiating crew as they watched numerous replays for nearly five minutes to determine if Miller’s shot came before the buzzer. He finally emerged from the replay moniter and called off the basket.

“Sorry, I took the Nuggets and got two points. This one doesn’t count,” he said to an incredulous Bulls team. “I also bet heavy on the under, so, you know … ”

After the game, Donaghy was apprehended by local police, who handcuffed him and put him in a squad car on his way back to federal prison.

“I should get out in three months,” Donaghy said as he was loaded into the car. “Bulls play Miami in March. I’d take the points and the over if I were you, wink wink.”

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter