It’s been nearly two weeks since the Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs, but big man Joakim Noah has found a way to cope with the pain. After losing a highly contested series against the Celtics, the big man was seen frolicking on a Caribbean beach with a beautiful naked woman.

“Dude, I was so down and out after Boston beat us,” said Noah. “I’m just so intense, you know? So I had to blow off some steam and head to St. Barts.”

Few would have known of Noah’s escapades had Pulitzer-winning celebrity gossip outlet not posted photos of him with an unidentified topless woman. The publicity only seems to have further endeared Noah to Bulls fans who generally disliked him up until his stirring Game 6 performance against the Celtics.

“I used to think Noah was a total putz,” said 28-year-old Bill Henton of Bensenville. “But now that it’s clear he’s living the exact life I wish I had, I can say without a doubt that Joakim Noah is the man.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief