The Bears’ war room unexpectedly shut down on Saturday during the 2009 NFL Draft. With only a second round selection on the docket, Jerry Angelo opted to unload the Bears lone first-day pick for gift certificates to the local Dairy Queen.

Angelo’s comments last week strangely matched drafting a wide receiver to ice cream. But few suspected his sweet tooth would succumb to such temptation during the draft.

“I suppose I tipped my hand a bit when I compared drafting a mediocre receiver to a vanilla cone,” said the sweet-toothed GM. “There were some good receivers on the board, but none of them sounded as enticing as a Peanut Buster Parfait. They’re damn good!”

In exchange for the second round pick, Angelo received enough Dairy Queen certificates to treat his executive staff to an all-day ice cream social. But, he acknowledged that he still had work to accomplish during the remainder of the draft.

“We admit we have a number of holes to fill,” Angelo said. “But Baskin Robbins offers are now pouring in and they must know I’m a sucker for their hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles.”

By Brian Berns, Bears beat writer

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