After a pick-free Day One of the 2009 draft, Bears GM Jerry Angelo had a very active second day, making nine picks, the first of which was San Jose State DT Jarron Gilbert in the third round, who is a bit of an Internet sensation due to a YouTube video of him jumping out of a swimming pool. Angelo was very excited to utilize this unique talent at the Bears annual summer pool party held every July in Bourbonnais prior to the start of training camp.

“Having this Gilbert kid do that trick at our pool party will be a blast,” said Angelo. “Last year’s party was a dud. The lone highlight was when we dyed Kyle Orton’s beard after he passed out. Now that he’s gone I was really worried the party would suck.”

Angelo said he first saw the clip a few weeks ago and could hardly contain himself.

“I was really bummed we had traded our first two picks to get Jay Cutler,” said Angelo. “Because it’s not every day you find someone who can be the life of a party. And I guess he plays football too, so that was a big plus.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief