Joining athletes like Shaq and Michael Phelps, Carlos Zambrano recently activated a Twitter account that he’s been updating nonstop, including while on the mound.

Team officials are worried the Cubs ace’s constant Twittering even has him taking his mobile phone on the field to document his mood swings and upcoming pitches to thousands of followers, which include die-hard Cubs fans and opposing coaches looking for an advantage.

While pitching in a losing spring training effort, Zambrano typed away on his cell phone. Moments later, his page was updated, saying, “BigZee: so angry at ump, last pitch was a strike. Will throw fastball down the middle.”

Five minutes later, after giving up a homer, his Twitter account was again updated, this time reading, “BigZee: how did they hit that so far? Almost like they knew it wuz comin  🙁 ”

When asked how this would affect the pitcher, Cubs manager Lou Piniella responded, via Twitter, saying, “SweetLou: is sick and tired of questions about Z’s Twittering, media is distracting the team.”

heckler editorial staff