An overdressed White Sox fan was kicked out of this weekend’s 2008 SoxFest for wearing sleeves, a major faux pas in Sox Nation.¬†Joe Malonecki refused to honor the event’s dress code and insisted on wearing a shirt with sleeves, rather than the preferred wife beater-style. Malonecki blamed a simple misinterpretation for the mistake.

“They said the event was supposed to be classy this year,” said Malonecki while pacing back and forth outside the Palmer House Hilton, host of this year’s SoxFest. “So I wore my T-shirt that looks like a tux. I didn’t know it was supposed to be sleeveless casual like all the other years.”

Malonecki also said he didn’t ask for a refund for his admission.

“Kenny Williams needs the cash more than I do,” Malonecki said. “All the die-hards know that.”

To avoid similar confusion at next year’s SoxFest, Malonecki plans to leave several wardrobe changes in his El Camino, which he usually parks about a mile away at a discounted lot.