A Chicago developer unveiled plans in the city’s Wrigleyville neighborhood earlier this week for a nine-story, mixed-use complex with a hotel that would stand virtually eye-to-eye with Wrigley Field. The new development, known as “Mediocrity Tower at Wrigley Field,” would also contain about 150 residential units, about 100,000 square feet of commercial space on the land, plus a health club and 500 parking spaces.

The Cubs organization is considering a purchase of some space in Mediocrity Tower to construct a Cubs Hall of Shame Museum that would chronicle the team’s 100 years of losing baseball. Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney envisions an interactive Disney World-like exhibit for fans of all ages.

“Life-size statues of Mel Rojas and Danny Jackson will greet visitors when they walk through the door and the kids are going to love Farnsworth Land and Todd Hundley Isle,” said Kenney. “A family of four can enjoy this world-class Cubs experience for the reasonable weekend cost of $1,799.”

While the project is sure to add even more congestion to an already overflowing neighborhood, several Cub players are excited about the new development and were quick to put down deposits on condos in the Towers.

“I only have to walk 50 steps to work,” said loafing slugger Aramis Ramirez. “I wake up at 1 and still make it to the ballpark in time for the first pitch.”