After reading a New York Times report that Jose Canseco offered to leave Magglio Ordonez’s name out of his next tell-all book if Ordonez would financially support a movie endeavor of Canseco’s, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has decided to bankroll the film completely.

“Magglio is my [expletive deleted] enemy,” said Guillen, who has had a very public feud with his fellow Venezuelan since Ordonez left the Sox after the 2004 season. “I support anything he doesn’t.”

Canseco’s next book, “Vindicated,” promises to be as controversial as his 2004 work “Juiced.” Among those rumored to be smeared in the book are Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez and the current AL batting champ Ordonez. Even the threat of being linked to performance-enhancing drugs can ruin a player’s career, allegedly prompting Canseco to leverage for monetary support from Magglio.

When asked about the plot of Canseco’s movie project, Guillen seemed disinterested.

“It can be like Godzilla,” said Guillen. “It can be like Scarface. It can be like Harry [expletive deleted] Potter. As long as it ruins Magglio’s day, it gets my Oscar for Best Picture.”