A coat check mix-up at the Cubs Convention left a Cub confused and a small child coatless and freezing. Pint-sized Cubs infielder Mike Fontenot was mistakenly given the jacket of an 8-year-old girl when he turned in his claim check to retrieve his coat Friday.

“When I put the coat on it fit perfectly,” said Fontenot. “And it looked like the one I got from the kids department at Macy’s. But it turned out it was a girl’s jacket.”

The coat Fontenot was wearing belonged to Sally Antenelli, who was upset about the incident.

“I was really cold without my jacket,” said Antenelli. “I had animal crackers in the pocket too. Dumbface Fontenot stole them.”

It wasn’t until he returned home that Fontenot realized the coat wasn’t his.

“When I found the animal crackers in the pocket, I knew there was a mistake,” said Fontenot. “But Ryan Theriot and I ate them anyway. They were awesome.”