Don’t call it a comeback … yet. The Bulls made a big statement to critics (this reporter included) about the shape of the team Wednesday night, with a 126-96 mauling of the Heat in Miami.

Playing as an actual team for the first time in what felt like decades, the Bulls shot 57 percent from the field and turned the ball over a season-low nine times (Editor’s note: This statistic isn’t confirmed, but it really, really feels like it has to be right).

But before fans wet their pants in excitement, intern head coach Jim Boylan was quick to put the win in perspective.

“The Heat suck!” Boylan said after the win. “Seriously, they’re the worst team ever and if we lost to them, I would’ve given up this game forever.”

While he slightly exaggerated the Heat’s level of suckage, he did have a point. To date this season, the Heat rank 27th (out of 30 teams) in the NBA in scoring, dead-last in free-throw percentage and rebounds per game, and slightly edge out the Bulls for worst attitude per team—stats that put a new meaning to that whole “a win is a win” mantra.


Number of the night: 1

Bulls player named Andres Nocioni who continues to thrive this season, scoring 20 points off the bench Wednesday night. Keep it up, Noc, and you’ll find yourself traded to Utah before Valentine’s Day.