Ever since the NBA’s reigning MVP Dirk Nowitzki¬†decided to go native, the¬†Mavericks have been on a winning streak, going 6-0 in January.

Local media have refused to interview Nowitzki since he began speaking only German, but his game is doing the talking for him. In January, the man known as “German Chocolate” has put his social life on hold because he won’t shower or shave. Nowitzki is updating his Web site, dirk-nowitzki-foundation.org and listening to German recording sensation David Hasselhoff.

Mavs head coach Avery Johnson has confided to close friends that he is not going to make an issue of Dirk’s European ways after watching what happened to former Chicago Bulls head coach Scott Skiles, who was dismissed after the Bulls management walked into a locker room almost in tears after one of Skiles’ tirades.
By Todd Hutchinson