The Blackhawks have a two-game win streak going after beating the St. Louis Blues Wednesday night 6-1. The team needs to put a good string of wins together to counter the eight-game losing streak they’re coming off of and they are on the right track.

The Hawks are back to .500 and are seven points out of a playoff spot. Winning a solid seven or eight out of their next 10 could put them right back in the playoff hunt.

“We realize the importance of getting on a winning streak,” said rookie Patrick Kane who had two goals and an assist last night. “It’s the same way with my team on NHL ’08 for Playstation. I always pretend to tell my virtual players we need to get on a roll here. I feel like they listen on some level.”

Teammates are a little

“It’s creepy the way Kane talks to the TV when he’s playing that game,” Martin Havlat told reporters. “There’s something seriously wrong with that kid. But hell, as long as he keeps scoring I’ll look the other way on his mild retardation.”


Number of the Night: 5

Goal differential in the Hawks’ favor last night. They need to keep that going.