Pitching injuries occur all often for the Cubs. Injured starters Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Wade Miller are taking advantage of their time on the disabled list during a vacation together across the country.

“I’m relatively new to this team so I really would like to get to know my ‘bench buddies’ better,” Wade Miller said. “It’s going to be great. We’ll get some bonding time, make up some new injury excuses and talk about how we can dupe Jim Hendry into giving us extended contract deals.”

The “DL-Trio,” as they have become to be known, plan to rent a Dodge Caravan and travel the nation from east to west, seeing all the historical sights they can along the way.

“I really want to see Southern California,” Kerry Wood said. “That’s Mark’s home and the place where the dream of spending a professional baseball career on the DL was born.”

heckler editorial staff