The White Sox lost the first of a brief two-game series against the Tigers last night, 6-2. Manager Ozzie Guillen would like to direct any fans with complaints about the strange lineup for the game to Mike “Sully” Sullivan, a regular at Jimbo’s Lounge who felt he could manage better than Guillen.
“Sully thinks he can make a better lineup than me,” said Guillen. “Tonight I proved that drunk doesn’t know [expletive deleted].”
The Sox were held to four hits as Tigers starter Chad Durbin, who had a 1-6 record against the South Siders, pitched eight shutout innings and struck out a career-high nine batters. The Sox scored their only runs during a ninth inning meltdown by Joel Zumaya, when the reliever hit one batter and walked four others. The tying run was eventually brought to the plate, but closer Todd Jones was able to get Brian Anderson to ground out to third.
Guillen approached Sully at Jimbo’s one hour before the game and handed him a blank lineup card. “B.A. should be DH!” Sully shouted while trying to light the wrong end of a cigarette. He then muttered, “A.J.’s cleanup,” before falling off his stool.

After the game, Guillen invited all reporters to go to Jimbo’s and speak with Sully, his, “(expletive deleted) manager for the day.”
Although Sully’s lineup ended with a loss, Guillen has no regrets. “Now that (expletive deleted) drunk can shut the (expletive deleted) up,” he said.
Number of the Game: 10.54
Chad Durbin’s ERA this season before he shut down the Sox.
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