White Sox color announcer Ken “Hawk” Harrelson did not make the trip to the West Coast for the three-game series with the Athletics, leaving former pitcher Jack McDowell to take his place. Although McDowell proved himself capable of handling the duties, many White Sox fans were upset they didn’t get to listen in on Harrelson share with viewers his obscure ramblings, including random references to Red Sox players of the late 1960s.

“I emailed the WGN booth Tuesday night, asking Hawk who he thought hit longer golf drives, Carl Yastremski or Rico Petrocelli,” said Bridgeport resident Brian Connors, referencing two members of the 1969 BoSox. “I asked the same question last season and Hawk debated it for three innings. When I found out it was Blackjack in the booth, I knew there was no way they were going to read the question on air.”

Jack McDowell, thankfully not currently touring with his almost famous rock band, was able to fill in for Hawk. However, the 1993 Cy Young winner was perplexed when he read the list of topics to consider during the broadcast.

“I think [Executive Producer] Bob Vorwald forgot Hawk wasn’t in the booth,” said McDowell. “During the game he asked me to talk for 15 minutes about the best two-strike hitters of the early 1970s and explain to viewers that I created batting gloves.”

heckler editorial staff