The concept was simple: If the Bulls put up 100 points and win against the Knicks Tuesday night, fans at the United Center received free Big Macs–pure marketing genius for a city that ranks in the top five fattest cities in the United States.

Much to the chagrin of the 22,296 bulging fans though, the Bulls came just short of the mark, beating the Knicks 98-69. Mayor McCheese must be sitting atop his throne and counting his blessings today.

But heated post-game accusations overshadowed the blowout win, with several players from the Knicks accusing the Bulls of trying to run up the score to provide two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun for the sellout crowd.

“I play for New York so I know when people are trying to run up the score because teams are always doing that to us,” Knicks guard Steve Francis said. “We suck so bad anyway, why did they want to kick us while we’re down?

Besides, the last thing these poor fans need is another Big Mac. They’re already sweating nacho cheese. This promo is just irresponsible.”

Ben Gordon led the malicious effort with 23 points and Tyrus Thomas added several unkind words after the buzzer that almost sparked a post-game brawl.

With this win, the Bulls secured home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs, regardless of the outcome of their final three games. And while coach Scott Skiles declined to comment on his relationship with the Hamburglar, he did express how encouraged and impressed he is by his team’s late season surge.

“Well I’ve gone ahead and cancelled the Disney Cruise I had scheduled for the second round of the playoffs,” Skiles said. “I’m sure Mickey and Dumbo are going to be pissed, but with the way we’ve been playing we’re a lock to make the second round.”

Number of the Night: 10
Knicks losses in their last 12 games–very good news for all Bulls fans who think the Knicks have a fighting chance in hell of drawing the number one pick in the draft lottery.

heckler editorial staff