The Blackhawks will pick first in the 2007 NHL draft after winning the draft lottery held behind closed doors in Toronto. The lottery is supposed to be just that: a random lottery. But one anonymous NHL official we’ll call Gary B. admitted that they were rigged.

“Chicago hasn’t won anything in a long time,” Gary B. stated. “So we decided to give it to them. We worked hard in the past few years rigging it for Pittsburgh. Now it’s Chicago’s turn.”

Gary B. is referring to the fact that the Penguins have had the first or second overall pick the past four NHL drafts. They were able to get several coveted players including Evgeni Malkin and the NHL’s new superstar Sydney Crosby.

Chicago has never had the first overall pick and is likely to take 17-year-old phenom Angelo Esposito. But there are rumors circulating that they could trade the pick, or perhaps use it to draft a player they can get for the league minimum, who will then become a third-line player for the UHL’s Flint Generals.



heckler editorial staff