Fans entering Wrigley Field for the Cubs’ opener home Monday are in for a surprise, and it’s not just the new ads on the outfield wall: The hallowed ground now hosts a housing development.

Local billionaire Sam Zell made his fortune in real estate, so it’s no surprise his first move as owner of the Chicago Cubs was to turn Wrigley’s left field bleacher section into high-priced condo property.

“The Tribune Company has made a respectable profit off Wrigley Field for the past two decades,” said Zell. “But in order to make the big bucks, we just had to go condo.”

Less than a week after the Tribune deal went public, Zell has already constructed two residential buildings inside the ballpark. Studio units start at $2 million.

“Each unit comes with a great view of Wrigley Field,” said Zell. “And for just $2,400 in monthly assessments, we won’t make you vacate the premises during home games.”

According to Zell, adding condos to the outfield will triple Wrigley’s selling price when he unloads it to Mark Cuban next year.

heckler editorial staff