Sox closer Bobby Jenks is hoping to turn in a great performance off the mound when his team visits Cleveland next week. Last Sunday, Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia challenged for the title of biggest gormandizer in Major League Baseball.

“I’m callin’ you out, Big Bobby,” Sabathia said. “If you think you can out-gorge me, come over to the food stand behind Section 170 at the Jake and we’ll do pierogis at 20 paces. I’ll be waiting.”

Jenks, who has been struggling to get his fastball back up into triple-digit territory in recent weeks, didn’t seem too phased by the prospect of facing Sabathia.

“My throwing might not be up to par, but my eating game is solid,” he said. “This is one contest I’m not worried about.”

Still, even if he wins this gluttonous match-up, Jenks won’t be out of the woods just yet.

“I still have to face [Dodgers pitcher Jonathan] Broxton and [Orioles slugger Walter] Young. Then there’s Scotty Podsednik. He doesn’t look it, but he can really throw down, just like those little Asian dudes you see in the hot-dog eating contests. I tell you, it’s gonna be a tough year for me.”

heckler editorial staff