There isn’t much left to say about the Blackhawks that hasn’t already been said. Fans are sitting through another dismal season , watching a team hyped as a playoff contender lose game after game.

Last night was no different as the Hawks lost to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, 5-2. Reporters caught up with team owner Bill Wirtz hoping for commentary on the game. Apparently he was not very interested in the outcome.

“Actually I didn’t see the game,” the Blackhawk’s tyrant said. “I was in Schaumburg fishing change out of the fountain at Woodfield Mall. I made over $6. Why¬†… did the Blackhawks win? They play basketball, right?”

The Blackhawks have nine more games left of this season and will be missing the postseason yet again. At least both Hawks fans still watching the team can now focus their attention on baseball.

heckler editorial staff