The Bulls continued their streak of losing to awful teams Tuesday night, treating fans at the United Center with an embarrassing 103-89 loss to the LA Clippers.

That’s right, Bulls fans. The same team that set a 50-win season and single digit home loss record as two of their main goals was beaten by 14 points by the Clippers, a team who has lost seven of their last nine games.

Now in order to reach those two goals, the Bulls would have to go 11-2 for the remainder of the season and go undefeated at home.

Despite the depressing loss, there were actually highlights. Kirk Hinrich led the team in scoring with 29 points and 5 assists. Ben Wallace continued his streak of Piston-esque play with 19 points and 10 rebounds, posting his 11th double-double this season.

But at the post-game press conference, the real news of the night was the rumor that team owner Jerry Riensdorf is attempting to throw the rest of the season in order to be able to move the team to Branson, Mo. Reinsdorf was unavailable for comment, but general manager John Paxson denied the rumor.

“That’s ridiculous,” Paxson said. “Even if Branson is a delightful little town, filled with exciting shows, beautiful scenery and cuisine to die for, Chicago is the home of the Bulls. For now.”

Number of the night: 3
Percent chance the Bulls get to 50 wins this season. It would be lower (try zero percent) if they had to play the Clippers again this season. But they don’t. What a relief.

heckler editorial staff