The Blackhawks went into Los Angeles and beat the Kings 4-3 in a shootout as the Hawks continue to dominate the few teams with worse records than them.

Nikita Alexeev scored the winning goal in the seventh round of the shootout. Kings goalie Sean Burke was confused at the announcement of Alexeev’s first name and blamed that for the goal.

“When I heard them announce someone with name Nikita, I thought maybe the Hawks didn’t have any players left so maybe they took a chick from the crowd,” Burke said to reporters late last night. “Then I started thinking about that show ‘La Femme Nikita’ and how hot that blond was. By the time I realized it was a dude and he was shooting, it was too late. Damn. I still went home and ordered all the episodes on DVD though.”

Number of the Night: 12
Games left of yet another miserable season. Bring on baseball.

heckler editorial staff