Sammy Sosa really doesn’t want to talk about his time with the Cubs, but he will once it translates into attention from reporters. In fact, the newest member of the Texas Rangers panicked once sports reporters began to disperse after Sosa initially declined to comment about his time with the North Siders.

“Sammy started to approach when he saw me and a few other reporters on the field at the Cubs-Rangers spring game the other day,” said Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan. “I asked him about how he felt facing his former team and he declined to comment. Then once he saw me walking away, he started talking about the Cubs and how he felt he was mistreated.”

After briefly talking about his time with the Cubs, Sosa went on to say that this year was his “new beginning,” and boasted that Rangers owner Tom Hicks will look like “the Bill Gates of baseball” for signing him. Once Sullivan and other reporters lost interest and started walking away again, the former slugger shouted out “boom box,” in order to get them to return.

“He’s really quite the cupcake,” Sun-Times reporter Gordon Wittenmyer said of Sosa’s antics. “But you got to hand it to him–the man does know how to get attention, even if no one really cares.”

heckler editorial staff