The White Sox unveiled a new media campaign for the 2007 season, complete with a Web site introducing “The Southside Chicago Board of Tourism,” or TSSCBOT. Like the “Grinder Rules” and “These Kids Can Play” campaigns of previous seasons, the ads are designed to bring much-needed attention to the White Sox. Unlike previous ads, however, a notorious street gang already took this name.

The Sox’s TSSCBOT Web site welcomes Sox fans from all over Chicagoland to the South Side, complete with a mock language translator and currency converter, proving to fans U.S. Cellular Field is not in some foreign land. The street gang known as The Southside Board of Tourism, wanted in several impending investigations of car jacking and murder, are not laughing.

“In our neighborhood, you don’t just take a gang’s name and use it to make jokes,” said Ralph “Crusher” Wolfe, longtime gang member. “All I have to say is the public relations department for the team better watch their back.”

Bill Brieghton, director of media relations for the White Sox, reiterated the club’s longtime support of all gangs.

“Anyone who has ever attended a White Sox game knows we welcome all forms of thieves, vandals, and gang members,” said Brieghton. “Our gift shop includes Sox caps of every color to ensure you can support your favorite team while still adhering to the colors of your gang.”

heckler editorial staff