After the Bears won Super Bowl XX, free agent linebacker Wilber Marshall left to take more money with the Washington Redskins. The move was the first of many in the demise of the Super Bowl champs. It could be déjà vu for Bears fans as a key linebacker of the 2006 Bears is on the verge of leaving Chicago via free agency.

As the top free agent on the market Briggs is projected to demand a deal worth upwards of $50 million, a price the Bears aren’t expected to dish out.

“We’re already looking for ways to replace Lance. Rosie O’Donnell, Chyna Doll. We even considered Anna Nicole Smith – until today,” head coach Lovie Smith said Thursday. “We might just let Urlacher play both middle and outside linebacker.”

Defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who played linebacker for the Bears from 1984 to 1992, said he would be willing to offer his services as player and coach.

“I know it’s unheard of but it’s a possibility,” Rivera said. “It’s not like I’d be the worst linebacker on the field. We all know Hunter Hillenmeyer holds that distinction.”

heckler editorial staff