It’s official: The Bulls are comedic geniuses. In an 86-77 loss to the Kings last night, the Bulls put on a show reminiscent of a mediocre sixth grade basketball team, and had fans in stitches from laughter.

They shot 33 percent from the field and missed everything-lay ups, tip ins, free throws, the broad side of a barn. Everything. But their timing was that of seasoned comedic veterans, producing a reel of follies general manager John Paxson called “pure gold.”

“You couldn’t have choreographed that better if you tried,” Paxson said. “I have my media team producing a blooper reel to ‘Yakety Sax’ right now. It’s going to be hilarious, not to mention being a great new source of revenue for us.”

According to Paxson, the highlight of the blooper reel will be a play in which forward and Slam Dunk Contest-bound Tryus Thomas stole the ball from John Salmons and sprinted downcourt for an untouched breakaway dunk. But to the delight of fans who will be watching this blooper for years to come, Thomas twisted his ankle, lost the ball and fell to the floor in a heap.

“Hysterical!” Paxson said. “I was laughing so hard I even wet my pants a little.”

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heckler editorial staff