Two days after Super Bowl XLI, Chicagoans have shown great support for their Bears, despite the team’s losing effort. This emotion was misguided Tuesday as a crowded gathering to greet the Bears players and coaches gave a glowing reception to the wrong incoming flight and accidentally greeted the city’s smarmier side.

In addition to thousands of fans, hundred of local scalpers, hustlers and bootleggers made the trip to South Florida to ply their trade on sport’s biggest stage. Many arrived at O’Hare thousands of dollars richer than they left and were greeted by at least 300 people. They were honored by the warm reception, not knowing it wasn’t intended for them.

“Normally people accuse me of profiteering at the expense of fans, so it’s nice to finally hear something positive from the community,” said ticket scalper Leroy “Seven Fingers” Smith. “Especially considering I made about 100 grand off those idiots.”

The fans were excited, yet puzzled by the men they saw get off the flight.

“I think I saw Ron Rivera,” said 12-year-old Thomas Martin. “But I’m not sure why he was wearing a purple fur coat.”

heckler editorial staff