It’s getting harder for fans to watch a Blackhawks power play without punching themselves in disgust.

Chicago got shutout 2-0 by the St. Louis Blues Thursday night, proving once again that St. Louis is a rotting cesspool where nothing good ever happens. The Hawks led in shots, but really didn’t have many quality chances. And, as usual, the power play still has not come together.

Some fans and sportswriters have been asking one simple questions: Why won’t the Hawks shoot on the power play?

“Shoot?” winger Patrick Sharp asked. “No that’s not fun. It’s more fun to create. We prefer to pass the puck around until someone from the opposing team poke checks it away and has a shorthanded breakaway. You know, create.”

The theory that excessively pale Blues coach Andy Murray is a mummy took a hit Thursday night. The coach was looking better and his doctors reportedly got his heart to start beating again early last week. But the leprosy is still in full swing and they found traces of  the black death. Doctors said a little Xanex should help prevent Murray from looking like a member of the undead.

Number of the Night: 14
Times this writer thought Duncan Keith was Martin Havlat because he’s trying to mimic Havlat’s hair style.

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