The Blackhawks waiting until 6:15 into the third period to finally score last night against the St. Louis Blues, but when they did it opened up a flurry of goals.

Martin Havlat scored the first goal of the third period to tie the game at one. Peter Bondra and Jeff Hamilton scored shortly after that. Martin Lapointe put one in an empty net to secure the Hawks victory, 4-1.

“I love getting empty-netters,” Lapointe said after the game. “I’m all about personal stats and what better way to pad them then by scoring goals when the goaltender isn’t even there? It’s still a goal on the old scoresheet. Stupid goalie. You can’t make a save from the bench.”

The Hawks snapped a two-game skid, which is important considering their place in the conference standings. They can’t afford to go on losing streaks.

“You’ll see us in the playoffs,” coach Denis Savard told reporters. “And if not, I will punch every single player on this team in the junk. Really, really hard.”

heckler editorial staff