In anticipation of Monday night’s showdown with the Bears, Arizona Cardinals rookie QB Matt Leinart revealed a secret during a press conference Thursday. When reporters told Leinart he looked good in his first NFL start a week ago, the Heisman winner misunderstood and told reporters his good looks are maintained with the help of a beauty kit.

The kit consists of eye liner, tweezers, hair gel, a mirror, Q-tips and wet naps. The items are kept in a small handbag that is tied around his waist and tucked under his jersey.

“I have to look good. I’m a SoCal guy.” Leinart told the reporters. “Football is a rough game. Could you imagine photos and reviews US Weekly would publish I didn’t have my beauty kit?”

Leinart may have been the prettiest player on the field, but what the reporters were referring to was his 253 passing yards and 2 TDs last week against the Chiefs. He was efficient as well, completing 22 of 35 passes. In typical Cardinal fashion, Arizona blew an early 14 point first quarter lead, losing 23-20.

The USC grad credits his impressive play with the comfort the beauty kit gives him.

“Being a rookie, I know defenses are going to come at me hard, but I also know I’m not going to run out of eyeliner during the game,” said Leinart. “It’s reassuring to have a satchel of items to keep me looking good, no matter how superior the opposition is.”

heckler editorial staff