Marshawn Kramer, wife of former-Bears quarterback Erik Kramer, knew something was wrong with her husband late Sunday night as he watched NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The former gunslinger seemed upset as he watched the Bears trounce the Seattle Seahawks from his recliner at his home.

“What’s wrong baby?” Mrs. Kramer asked. “Aren’t you glad your team is winning?”

Kramer, the Bears all-time single season touchdown passer (29 in 1995) felt betrayed. There was his former offensive coordinator, Ron Turner, enjoying the fruits of success brought to him and Grossman, on a silver platter by the NFL’s number one defense.

“I feel like I’ve been betrayed.” Kramer snapped. “Grossman tosses a couple touchdowns and the city treats him like he’s the next Messiah. If Coach Turner and I had a defense like Grossman does, we would have won Super Bowl XXIX. Instead, I have to watch Grossman live the life I should have had.”

As Tommie Harris wrapped up Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck for his second sack of the night, Kramer wiped his eyes as he looked an autographed 8 x 10 of his former offensive coordinator. He mumbled to his Christmas gift given by Turner.

“We had Vinson Smith. They have Brian Urlacher. I feel so betrayed. Coach Turner, it should have been us.”

heckler editorial staff