The Chicago Bears eagerly wrapped up training camp in Bourbonnais Wednesday, and now the team heads north to prepare for its second preseason game Friday against the San Diego Chargers. Despite visiting Bears fans giving the town of Bourbonnais rave reviews, the players couldn’t wait to jump into their cars and head back to Chicago.

The team parking lot resembled the streets of Pamplona, Spain, during the Running of the Bulls, as players and coaches raced to their vehicles and away from the practice fields.

Cornerback Nathan Vasher brought back memories of his 108-yard TD return last season as he sprinted to his SUV with a helmet in one hand and duffel bag in the other.

“So long, Stinktown!” Vasher yelled out the window, doing his best Homer Simpson impression, burning rubber and screeching his way north to Chicago.

On his way to the parking lot, center Olin Kruetz didn’t even bother to take his pads off or let go of the practices’ final snap, dragging quarterback Rex Grossman behind him, still gripping the football.

“I’m not going to fumble this snap,” growled Grossman, who resembled a fishing lure spinning on the ground.

Unfortunately for Bears fans, Grossman will miss the rest of preseason with a separated shoulder as a result of the fracas.

Offensive tackle John Tait was one of the few who took the time to assist a fallen teammate after he found tiny wide receiver Rashied Davis laying on the ground with cleat marks in his back.

“Come on little fella,” Tait said as he slung Davis over his right shoulder. “I’ll save you.”

heckler editorial staff