Success for the 2005 Chicago Bears came despite long odds. The team lost starting quarterback Rex Grossman to a major preseason injury, and the shaky play of rookie Kyle Orton was just enough to help the defense-minded team win the NFC North crown.

When Grossman went down, the team scrambled to find a worthy backup to Orton, eventually signing veteran journeyman Jeff Blake.

Things will be different this year, according to Bears general manager Jerry Angelo.

“Today the Chicago Bears cut Kyle Orton and Jeff Blake,” he said. “We thank them for their time and wish them the best, but this situation is beyond our control. We’ve realized we can never have too few quarterbacks.”

Once again, Angelo will rely entirely on the oft-injured Grossman to lead the team at quarterback—a position many believe to be the most important in all of sports. It’s also a position the Bears have struggled to fill ever since Jim McMahon left the franchise two decades ago.

“Releasing our backups doesn’t mean we don’t have a backup plan,” said Angelo. “Should something happen to Rex, we’ll simply insert any of the number of former Bears quarterbacks sure to be available. Guys like Jonathon Quinn and Cade McNown. It’s a formula for success.”

heckler editorial staff