Monday, October 2, 2023

June 09 issue is out: Bradley’s mouth zippered shut; Ozzie holds insult seminar to...

Great news: The Heckler's June issue has hit the streets. As usual, it's packed full of unbelievable Chicago sports news.

Milton Bradley just misses screwing up for the cycle in Friday loss to Twins

By running into an unnecessary out, losing a fly ball in the sun, and throwing a live ball into the stands with only two outs, Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley came tantalizing close to one of baseball's rarest statistical accomplishments in Friday's loss to Minnesota at Wrigley: Screwing Up for the Cycle.

Ozzie conducts insult seminar to prepare Sox for Wrigley series

White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen always looks forward to facing the Cubs this time of year. The crosstown matchups not only re-fuel his bitter rivalry, but give him incentive to berate his North Side adversaries.

Wrigley Gatorade machine makes steel-plated comeback

The Cubs equipment management staff has been hard at work recently, as evidenced by the steel-plated Gatorade machine that debuted in the Wrigley Field dugout this weekend.

Winner of Cubs-Sox series will move up to 16th place in Phil Rogers’ power...

When the Sox head up to the Friendly Confines in mid-June, there will be more at stake than mere baseball bragging rights in Chicago. The winner of the series will also take 16th place in Tribune columnist Phil Rogers' MLB power rankings.

After news of positive steroid test, Sosa gets Wrigley statue

When news broke earlier today that Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003, the Cubs announced they were honor the slugger with a statue next to that of Ernie Banks outside Wrigley Field. The statue features a muddied Sosa carrying a large syringe rather than a bat. It also refers to him as "Corky 'Roids."

News Shocker: Sosa reportedly took steroids in 2003

On the eve of the Cubs-Sox series at Wrigley, the New York Times reported that former North and South side slugger Sammy Sosa was one of the 104 major league players to test positive for steroids in 2003. Zero percent of anyone across the nation were surprised by the news.