After two months off, Brad’s finally got enough wind in his sails to record a new episode. Our troubling times have made it tough to stay passionate about something like this, but today’s guest was just what we needed. Tron Smith (full name discussed in the podcast) and Brad met the better part of a decade ago and have become fast friends who genuinely appreciate each other. Tron’s journey is a unique one; from the South Side of Chicago to Phoenix, where she lives today with her totally jacked boyfriend Joe a.ka. “Old Bae.” Listen here!

In this episode, Brad and Tron discuss Tron’s interesting travels to the Grand Canyon and Bali, which were highlighted by Tron’s fears of elk and heights (Grand Canyon) and monkeys (Bali). They also discuss why Tron didn’t like their mutual friend who eventually introduced them when she first met him, her various game show appearances, the podcast she’s launching with her friend EJ, why she refuses to call him “E.J.” and much more. Follow Tron on Instagram: