Today’s Wellness Check is with Scott Weiner, co-founder of The Fifty/50 Group. Scott and his company have been in the news lately as they work to find ways to support their staff and fellow hospitality workers. They’ve been serving hundreds of meals a day to those in need, despite having to close most of their locations due to the quarantine. Listen here!

Brad and Scott talk about those efforts, how he, his partners and investors are weathering this storm, Scott’s thoughts on the controversy around GrubHub and similar third-party delivery services, how The Fifty/50 emerged as a go-to spot for athletes and other noteworthy people, his relationship with people like Brian Urlacher, Lovie Smith, Glendon Rusch, Derrek Lee, Kerry Wood and many others, what he would sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a quick and responsible end, and much more.

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