The massively disappointing season for Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears climaxed on Sunday Night Football when the struggling QB was benched due to a hip injury and nearly two years of ineffective play.

“I needed to be honest with him,” said coach Matt Nagy, when asked by a reporter about the tender moment the two shared in the waning moments of the Bears season-shattering loss. “I told him that the blinders were meant to be metaphorical, but he just kept forgetting to take them off during the game. I wont know until I get to watch the tape, but I think that may be a reason why he’s been unable to read basic defenses.”

“Uh, honestly I don’t remember too much of it” said Trubisky, “But in coach Nags’ defense, I couldn’t really hear him through the earmuffs”.

The Bears will focus this next week on teaching Mitch to not take things literally, as he had to be explained multiple times that nobody actually threw him under a bus.

Chris Cunningham